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Vaporiser Kit Airistech Airis Switch 3in1

Vaporiser Kit Airistech Airis Switch 3in1

$179.00 Regular Price
$139.00Sale Price

The Airistech Airis Switch is a convection vaporizer for use with dry herb, wax, and oil. It has been designed in San Francisco and assembled in China. It's elegant design features a unique 360 degree rotating mouth piece with a magnetic seal. There are three preset temperatures to choose from and the unit will vibrate once temperature is reached. Typically the Airis Switch will reach temperature in 30 seconds or less. This 3-in-1 vaporizer makes use of removable 'bullets' or 'chambers' that can be pre-loaded with your herb, wax, or oil material. Alternatively you can load your herb directly into the ceramic chamber. This kit comes complete with three chambers and these can also be purchased separately in packs of 5.


Part availalbe seperately, extra mouthpieces VX009 Chambers 5 pack VX050 Chambers Wax/Oil bullet VX051

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